The Community Liaison Committee (CLC) is an example of one of the best practices a containment facility can undertake, worldwide. Comprised of community leaders, the committee’s role is to provide information to the public regarding safety and security at VIDO’s International Vaccine Centre (InterVac). The committee helps create and maintain an atmosphere of trust, confidence, and transparency with the public.

The CLC was created by the University of Saskatchewan to serve as an independent organization working to ensure full and open communication on safety issues related to InterVac.

The committee met virtually during the pandemic to be briefed on the work at InterVac. This past year we received reports of five incidents. The most significant issues involved a small leak, a small spill and two issues with equipment. All incidents were resolved to the satisfaction of the committee with no risk to the public.

The committee held a well-received virtual community meeting in November 2020 featuring a livestream question and answer session with VIDO director Dr. Volker Gerdts.

The committee provided up-to-date information on infectious diseases in general, and then discussed the updates relating to VIDO’s new strategic priorities, including the new manufacturing facility and planned Center for Pandemic Research. As a demonstration of community backing for the centre, the CLC provided a letter of support to the federal government for the expansion and upgrades. A committee representative is also part of the planning committees and will provide oversight to help ensure community engagement and transparency. To better serve the community the committee provides a website (

Members of the public can contact the committee at

Susan Lamb

Community Liaison Committee Chair