The Community Liaison Committee is an example of best practices for containment facilities worldwide. Comprised of community leaders, the committee’s role is to provide information to the public regarding safety and security at InterVac. The committee helps create and maintain an atmosphere of trust, confidence, and transparency between InterVac and the public.

While the committee has no authority over operations at InterVac, the University of Saskatchewan has given the committee a mandate to keep informed of InterVac activities that might be of public interest and to report them as appropriate.

The committee meets regularly to be briefed on the work at InterVac. This past year we received reports on three issues, two of which were minor. The most significant issue was a torn glove in a level 3 lab (no pathogen was involved and no symptoms developed). All incidents were managed to the satisfaction of the committee and there was no risk to the public.

The committee keeps informed on issues relating to infectious diseases, particularly as they apply to VIDO-InterVac. This year members shared articles on infectious diseases and pandemic preparedness. In addition, the committee received presentations on VIDO-InterVac’s new manufacturing facility and toured the Command No. 9 bus—Saskatoon Emergency Measures Organization’s mobile command vehicle.

To better serve the community the committee updated its website ( this year. The Community Liaison Committee also holds its public meeting every other year. The next meeting is scheduled for September 2020.

Members of the public can contact the committee by emailing

Susan Lamb, Community Liaison Committee Chair