The VIDO-InterVac Community Liaison Committee, comprised of community leaders, is an example of best practices for containment facilities worldwide. While the committee has no authority over InterVac’s operations, the University of Saskatchewan has given us a mandate to keep informed of ongoing activities at InterVac and to provide safety and security information to the public as appropriate.

This past year we received reports on seven issues, four of which were minor and three reports of more significant issues related to infrastructure operation. These issues were all dealt with to the satisfaction of the committee. There was no risk to the public.

In addition, the Saskatoon Fire Department’s Hazardous Materials team was able to access InterVac on four occasions to analyze the contents of suspicious packages that had been delivered elsewhere in the city.

The committee also makes efforts to remain informed on infectious diseases, particularly as they apply to VIDO-InterVac. We sought out experts who made presentations on topics including ongoing research projects at the facility, Saskatoon Emergency Measures, the new manufacturing initiative, and international projects.

To help create and maintain an atmosphere of public trust and confidence, the Community Liaison Committee holds a public meeting every other year to demonstrate transparency. The next meeting is scheduled for September 2018.

Members of the public can contact the committee by emailing

Susan Lamb, Community Liaison Committee Chair